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The changing financial landscape has left many organisations struggling to meet all their regulatory and governance requirements. Use our expert advice and commentary to help.

FIT FOR THE FUTURE: IT Services to Help Transform the Retail Bank
Today’s retail bank needs to serve and support customers in branch, online, at the call centre and more, 24/7 – all while minimising operational risk and remaining compliant. Here’s how CenturyLink can serve and support you.
A CREATIVE CULTURE: Innovation in the workplace
How does innovation work in practice? How can you turn ideas into action? Or even know which ones will work? CenturyLink President, EMEA, Richard Warley reveals how to build an innovation mindset into your company.
TAKE THE RIGHT LINE: Assessing the impact of GDPR
Two CenturyLink experts discuss what the new General Data Protection Regulation will mean for the insurance sector when – or even before – it comes into force in May 2018.